Sometimes you catch yourself thinking, how come some fake people life around us, and sometimes seems to succeed? They are around us and nobody see, or everybody see and do anything, why?

Because daily life is not fair, and things happens, it is part of our human learning process.

  • You will get hurt. You may complain, and start a depression cycle. That at the end you will be the only injured, OR
  • You will get hurt. You may complain, and live with it. That will make you stronger for the long term run on your life.

Fake people look strong, like a weed. We admire how it seems to prosper, even with difficult conditions. Well, nobody like weeds close to their garden, the weed sooner than later will perish by being just removed. And when it is not there anymore, people will not even remember.

Sometimes fake people survive longer, but they are just like a building without foundation. The land will shake one day, and they will be the only one to collapse. And those around them will say “better later than never”. They will not be missed.

Do not take the short cuts!
Clean the weeds of your garden, and build a solid foundation!

Simple steps, to be continuously repeated:

  1. Support young people, always. They need to believe that there is payback for being a good person;
  2. Build and keep good relations and network, never break the trust you build. This is a fatal error;
  3. Recognize, always, those who helped you. For people older that you, that’s just what they need.

At the end, never try to be a judge, condemning people.
It is amazing how life in long term is fair!

Life will give you back exactly what you planted!